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The hunt for clues about the Battle of Grunwald to restart

A team of archaeologists and dozens of metal detectors are set to work in northern Poland as the hunt for the exact site of the 1410 Battle of Grunwald restarts in September.

Fifty other people, from Denmark, Norway, Britain and Poland, will also be involved in the search from 9-16 September.

The search, launched in 2014, aims to determine the exact location of the 15 July 1410 battle, in which King of Poland Władysław Jagiełło led an allied Polish-Lithuanian army to defeat the Teutonic Order, previously considered invincible.

The battle is considered to be one of the most glorious and significant military victories in Polish history.

In previous years, more than 750 relics, including many arrowheads, crossbow bolts and coins were uncovered. As well as more clues as to where the battle and camps were located, searchers hope to find graves of the fallen.

According to estimates, between 8,000-10,000 people died in the battle. So far only about 200 remains have been found, mostly in and around the ruins of a nearby chapel where evidence suggests they were reburied.

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