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Cyberangreb knyttet til den russiske efterretningstjeneste


Cyberattacks linked to Russian intelligence gathering

A new report published by F-Secure Labs links a number of state-sponsored cyberattacks to a hacking group engaged in Russian intelligence gathering. The whitepaper provides an in-depth analysis of a hacking group called “the Dukes”, and outlines seven years of their attacks against governments and related organizations in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

The report provides a detailed account of “the Dukes” – a group of attackers using a family of unique malware toolsets used to steal information by infiltrating computer networks and sending the data back to attackers. According to the report, the group has been using these toolsets to launch cyberattacks that support Russian intelligence gathering for at least seven years.

Specific targets of the attacks discussed in the report include the former Georgian Information Center on NATO (now called the Information Center on NATO and EU), the Ministry of Defense of Georgia, the ministries of foreign affairs in both Turkey and Uganda, and other government institutions and political think tanks in the United States, Europe, and Central Asia.

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